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Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers - Mary Roach The best of non-fiction! Pelted with interesting bits of trivia and history I always felt I was learning while Roach's writing style was consistently entertaining (if not downright funny). Highly recommend...although you'll be in a quandary in how to dispose of your own body when you're done!

Organize Your Life and More

Organize Your Life and More - Christina Scalise Christina's style of writing is very friendly and easy to read. And instead of trying to lay down strict rules for everything, she always makes it clear that every person is different and different tacts will work for different people. She helps you find the style that will work for you.

Are We Normal? Funny True Stories from an Everyday Family

Are We Normal? Funny True Stories from an Everyday Family - Christina Scalise Christina's book is filled with everyday dealing with the family/children stories that always start off like something you'll immediately recognize and then shifts to the funny. A lot of her humor seems like great parenting tricks too - like keeping the kids from bothering after a certain time of night by telling them it better be "Blood or fire" that inspired the interruption. Like
*Knock knock*
Parents: "Blood or Fire?"
Kid: "Um... nevermind..."

Johnny 12 Steps (Johnny #1)

Johnny 12 Steps (Johnny #1) - Nicholas  Novak From the first page this book had me laughing - it reminded me a bit of "John Dies in the End" with its deadpan silliness, crazy characters and happenings and seemingly deluded lead. Some of the verbal twists are just genius. The send up of gangster stereotypes are hilarious. I'll read anything Nick Tory writes after this! Laugh out loud, short and just FUN.

Things Go Wrong For Me (when life hands you lemons, add vodka)

Things Go Wrong For Me (when life hands you lemons, add vodka) - Rodney Lacroix There's no denying Rodney is a funny guy - his stories about growing up as a fat kid and the various way he mentally tortured both his parents and kids (equal opportunity pest) were hilarious and punctuated with crudely drawn, but snorty-laugh drawn (that's a term, look it up) pictures that made the book fly by too fast!

The Labradoodle Handbook

The Labradoodle Handbook - Linda Whitwam I'm so glad there is a book just for Labradoodles - as the author says, they are amazing dogs with great personalities! But those personalities need guidance. I see too many Labradoodles sent to shelters because busy parents don't know how to handle their kids and a 50-70lb moppet bursting with energy. With just a little bit of care your Labradoodle will be the best dog you ever had, and this book helps you through those young rambunctious years.

Celebrity sTalker

Celebrity sTalker - Suzy Soro Suzy and her sister have, at one point or another, bumped into, talked to, eaten with or dated every celebrity in the world. The stories of these meetings are funny, revealing and entertaining, and Suzy's writing style is effortless to read. The whole book feels like she just walked in your door and started sharing stories. Loved it!

Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Stories I Only Tell My Friends - Rob Lowe Well written, great to hear him narrate it (I did audio book on the exercise bike...). He is great at imitating the people he knows and has crazy stories about meeting other famous people in odd ways. But he really glosses over anything controversial - doesn't avoid it, but doesn't give you more juicy details than you need either. (or sometimes vaguely refers to well documented scandals but doesn't take the time to remind you about the details.)

I think he's planning on running for office some day, so he was careful...